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i’m Watch: the smartwatch pioneer’s going forth to conquer Baselworld 2013.

Digital technology makes its first worldwide entry to the world of fine watchmaking. The Italian company i’m S.p.A. presents the first luxury smartwatch at Baselworld.

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i’m Watch starts a new and smart fitness concept: i’msport.

Smartwatch for iPhone means i’m Watch and has an Italian patent.

For its first time at the Mobile World Congress, i’m Watch is going to debut with i’m Droid 2.1 and a special application for the world of sport.

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Wanna have a new watch?

Make it Smart.

Smartwatch for iPhone means i’m Watch and has an Italian patent.

The really first smartwatch for iPhone and Android is made in Italy. In little less than two years, this smartwatch completely changed the watch concept creating a new market segment, new needs and a new business sector.

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i’m showcasing its worldwide innovations at CES 2013 in Las Vegas.

i’m will present two, revolutionary products at CES 2013: the new version of i’m Watch and i’m Here. After designing and launching the world’s first smartwatch in 2012, the Italian company i’m will represent i’m Here an immense unveiling of all the newest technology and product breakthrough, bound to become a new cult object matching the success of i’m Watch. i’m Here is an innovative GPS tracker capable of locating its own position, designed not only for adults but also, and especially, for children safety with a line dedicated to them. Read more…

i’m Here: track your life!

i’m Here is the smallest, sleekest and most sophisticated GPS tracker that has ever existed. It is the world’s most innovative and accurate GPS tracker. A latest generation device able to locate anything or pinpoint your position upon demand or at regular intervals. It is so compact that you can take it everywhere. Read more…

i’m Watch: the revolutionary operating system i’m Droid 2

i’m Watch is the world’s first smartwatch ever to be invented; it is a latest generation device that interacts with the smartphone allowing you to have calls, text messages, e-mails, notifications, music, agenda, weather, photos and any app you could want or invent, directly on your wrist. But thanks to i’m Droid 2, the customized Android version created by the i’m Watch team, it has become the device with the world’s most advanced smartwatch operating system. Read more…

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