more than just a simple store.

i’m Watch includes i’market, the largest catalog of apps for smartwatch. It is not just any old store, but a treasure trove of apps ready to be downloaded and installed based on your requirements. Want to work out? Have fun? Take care of more work in less time? Slip down to i’market, and you’ll find the right app.

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i’mID, your passport to the i’m Watch world.

Choose your username and password and you have everything you need to use the exclusive i’m services. i’mID ensures you have the maximum security and, at the same time, an easy way to use your i’m Watch.

i’m Cloud. Control your i’m Watch from the cloud. Now even from your smartphone.

The i’m Watch world does not stop at i’m Watch. With the innovative i’m Cloud system, you can control it remotely: thanks to powerful, high performance cloud technology, you can manage your smartwatch apps and data via the Internet. And with the brand new i’m Cloud Mobile, you do not even need to go through your PC or Mac: you just need your smartphone.