i’m Droid

i’m Droid is the custom-tailored version of Android that runs on the i’m Watch. i'm Droid is the only full-fledged version of Android especially made to run on a smartwatch, featuring an optimized UI for the smartwatch form factor, innovative power-saving features such as Smart Tethering, and some unique capabilities.

i'm Droid is based upon Android 1.6, slimmed down of its features which are not needed on the i’m Watch. We’ve worked on the OS of the i’m Watch adding support for advanced features not available on the underlying Android distribution, to perfectly integrate it with the i’m Watch hardware and to overcome the differences and limitations that the smartwatch form factor has on respect to the smartphones Android was designed for.

Which tools can I use to develop apps?

The most used Android development tool is Eclipse, one of the IDEs that Google itself has chosen for Android, by leveraging Google’s ADT plugin. Google has also created the Android Studio, a new IDE based on IntelliJ IDEA and focused on Android development. You can also use IntelliJ IDEA, or any text editor for Java and XML files, even command-line editors such as VIM, in conjunction with Android’s build tools. You can also use an AVD (Android Virtual Device) to test your apps if you still don’t own an i’m Watch. You can find all the configuration details on the Resources page.

Which OS do I need to develop applications for the i’m Watch?

To develop apps for the i’m Watch, you can use any of the OSes supported by the Android SDK, which include all the major OSes: Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. You will of course also need a supported JDK (Java Development Kit) and Android SDK ready on your computer.

I’m new to Java. Where should I start?

You can find guides and tutorials on the Oracle website. Oracle is the company that mantains and develops the Java platform, originally created by Sun Microsystems (later acquired by Oracle).