i’m Droid

i’m Droid is the custom-tailored version of Android that runs on the i’m Watch. i'm Droid is the only full-fledged version of Android especially made to run on a smartwatch, featuring an optimized UI for the smartwatch form factor, innovative power-saving features such as Smart Tethering, and some unique capabilities.

i'm Droid is based upon Android 1.6, slimmed down of its features which are not needed on the i’m Watch. We’ve worked on the OS of the i’m Watch adding support for advanced features not available on the underlying Android distribution, to perfectly integrate it with the i’m Watch hardware and to overcome the differences and limitations that the smartwatch form factor has on respect to the smartphones Android was designed for.

App configuration

The i’m Watch is not supposed to provide full-text entry IMEs. The stock Android Latin IME is deprecated and must not be used. In order to provide the best user experience, please use the i’m Cloud configuration mechanisms. The i’m Cloud configuration allows you to define what kind of configuration data your app needs in a simple JSON string, that the user can fill in on the browser (in the app configuration page of i’m Cloud). Your app will then receive its configuration data in JSON format when the i’m Watch syncs with i’m Cloud. You can learn more about the synchronization process by reading the sync mechanism guide.

In some rare cases, thou, you will need your user to input some simple data in order to provide an output, or to perform some operation. Find out how you can do this with a Numpad.