Version: 2.0.0

Category: Tools

Published: 03/01/2013

Developer: Arno den Hond



AstroClock takes timekeeping to an astronomical level!

Calendars divide years into months of irregular length and even the length of a year changes during leap years!

AstroClock visualizes time according to three consistent natural cycles i.e. day, moon and season.

Time is indicated by three hands which each turn once for each cycle. (they still turn in a clockwise direction)

* The shortest hand shows the position of the sun during a day. Unlike a normal hour hand, this hand turns only once every 24 hours.
* Smaller hands show the moments of sunrise and sunset.
* The middle hand shows the phase of the moon. It turns every 29.5 days
* The longest hand shows the position of the earth in its orbit around the sun. It turns every 365.25 days

Enable any of the 12 alerts (4 for each cycle) to receive a notification when a new astronomical phase occurs.

The statistics section shows the amount of time elapsed since or remaining to major events.

AstroClock has 5 differently themed skins to match your mood and if there isn’t one that suits your fancy you can design your own theme, share it with others and become moderately famous!