Version: 1.1

Category: Watch

Published: 18/04/2013

Developer: Genuse



Fortime is awarded cool graphics watchface application which turns your i’m Watch device into a brilliant and innovatively designed clock which looks like it is come from another planet.

Reading is obvious, smart and suprising. Each hour is represented by four circle quarters. A quarter flashing slowly represents 5-minute section, when blinking fast it shows 10 minutes passed. Lit up circle quarters mark 15-minute sections. A full circle counts forone hour. The small dot below hours represents AM time, the dot above stands for PM. Fortime is in 9 colors, just swipe right and choose your favorite one. Now you can select this watch as your default watchface! 


Copyright © Albert Salamon 2013

Idea & Design: Albert Salamon

Coding: Michal Zylinski