Version: 1.2

Category: Tools

Published: 27/03/2013

Developer: Enrico Pavan



The application FingerUnlock is a completely original lock-display that looks like a fingerprint reader. FingerUnlock will allow you to impress your friends by making them believe that i’m Watch is really able to take fingerprints and, through this action, to unlock the screen.

The application works in the following way:

1- When starting the application is locked, so that your friends think that the mechanism is real.

2- Pressing the i’m Watch button you can unlock the application, so that, this time, the reader to “recognize” your fingerprint.

3- To lock or unlock the application just press the button as many times as you wish, proving to your friends that the reader really works!

The application also allows you to easily see the time, in the lock screen mode.

What are you waiting for? Install FingerUnlock, functionality and fun guaranteed!