Version: 1.0

Category: Game

Published: 14/03/2014

Developer: Parvez mamun




First of all you have to read the rules to play the games because this is so dificalt to create games for smartwatch for it’s time space trade of complexity.
The board consists of 61 circularspaces arranged in a hexagon, five on a side.
Each player has 14 marbles that rest in the spaces and are initially arranged as
shown at left.Play alternates between the players one move at a time, with the blackmarbles moving first. For each move, a player moves a line of one, two or three one space.The move can be either in-line(parallel to the line of marbles)or broadside(not parallel to the line of marbles)as illustrated at right.
A player can push their opponent′s marbles which are in an adjacent space to
 their own with an in-line move only.They can only push if the pushing line has
 more marbles than the pushed line (three can push two or one; two can push one).
 Marbles must be pushed into an openspace (i.e. not blocked by a marble of either colour).The winner is the first player to gain six opposing marbles from the opponent.