BSOD Generator


BSOD Generator

Version: 1.0

Category: Entertainment

Published: 28/08/2013

Developer: Frakbot



The classic “blue screen error” prank, now on your i’m Watch!

Enter… BSOD Generator. Feel the fuzzy, warm feeling of Windows Blue Screen errors (aka BSOD), wherever you are and whenever you want.

You have someone you want to make a joke to, and an i’m Watch. What do you do? You open BSOD Generator, and wait for the victim to think they’ve broken your i’m Watch. That look on their face! Always priceless.


How to use the app

  1. Start the app
  2. Select the kind of error you want to be shown
  3. Set the time that will pass between each error
  4. Press the i’m Watch back button
  5. Give your i’m Watch to someone
  6. Wait
  7. ???
  8. Profit!

Note: to exit the error screen, you have to keep the back button pressed until you get back to the home screen

To stop the errors showing up, open the app, scroll down and tap the “stahp” button at the bottom of the screen.


Remember… This app is a joke! It’s just for the lulz.