Version: 1

Category: Game

Published: 16/12/2013

Developer: Parvez mamun



CandyLove is a simple stone-swapping game for Android.
Two different gameplays are provided:
Bijoux -The screen is covered with colored sprites (squares or circles).
When you align 3 or more in a row, all adjacent sprites of the same shape color vanish.You can only swap adjacent sprites vertically or horizontally.You can swap sprites even if it won’t result in a 3-or-more alignment,but that will cost you 10% of your current score.

Bouche -When a circle is selected, all the adjacent circles of the same color blink,as they are selected too. When this selected area is selected again, all the circles collapse and vanish. The area must contain at least two circlesfor it to go away.This game has no levels either. However you can quickly get in a situation where it is not possible to find areas with 2 or more circles of the same color, in which case the game is finished.
The game never finishes and there are no levels.Enjoy!