Two people, one dream come true. The same one you were waiting for.

Creativity produces new ideas; Italian taste and innovation create beauty.
The result is i'm Watch, the first ever smartwatch, a new era for design and high-tech lovers.

We are convinced that man has something inborn, intangible but truly unique and grand: creativity, fantasy, the ability to conceive brilliant ideas and the drive to realise them. We have done it and tried to do it as best we could. That is to say, we came up with an innovative and high-tech idea and awoke within us a fundamental skill that excels in the Italian spirit: creative design. Our philosophy is to make what surrounds us not only more useful but also more beautiful. What we were waiting for is now here: i’mWatch."

May 2011 – Manuel Zanella and Massimiliano Bertolini – inventors of i’m Watch


Manuel Zanella,a foresighted creator of successful startups, began his career as a Family Banker for Banca Mediolanum where he met Ennio Doris. Later, he continued his career as a businessman. Manuel was born in Vicenza, is 36 years old, married, and has a 4-year-old son. He is an iconic modern, "start-upper" pooling creativity and flexibility to form new business models and corporate visions. He turns ideas into business, with a mix of innovation, technology and engineering for a new management style, or - to put in Zanella's words - a "Smart Management." His companies strictly hire and hunt the best Italian and foreign talents with an average age of 24. A "melting pot of entrepreneurs," where - according to Zanella - "diversity is the creative engine that defines the success of any international business." Zanella's story reflects his motto, "Impossible is Nothing": in October 2007, he founded Zeromobile with H-Invest (Ennio Doris's company) and his brother-in-law Daniele Bortolotti. Zeromobile is the first Global Mobile Operator in Italy, dedicated to people who travel abroad for business or for fun. The whole idea behind Zeromobile is to cut down the cost of international roaming. Zeromobile was launched in January 2008 and today it has more than 1,200 sales outlets, out of which over 90% are travel agencies. Since March 2008, he has been the CEO of Zeromobile, holding 27% of the company's shares.

In 2009, he created Winezero - the first alcohol-free wine - with his friend and businessman Massimiliano Bertolini. Manuel Zanella is also the CEO of Winezero, holding 25% of the company's shares, while 50% is held by H-Equity of Ennio Doris. Within a few months, all the press and the media were talking about it. The famous British newspaper "The Independent" praised it highly, as well as other newspapers and magazines around the world, from Russia to China, even Brazil.

Early in 2011, he designed and created i'm Watch, the first smartwatch in the world recording an unmatched success.

Again, Ennio Doris believed and supported this project by capital contributions, whilst H-Equity financed this visionary enterprise that had long been Zanella’s dream. In less than a year i'm Watch achieved worldwide distribution in over 60 countries. 

Some reviews: in 2008, he was nominated in the List of the Top Italian managers, and in 2009, the “Economy” dedicated its February cover to him. In 2010, he was featured in an article on young managers and entrepreneurs in “Capital”. In 2011, he was defined by “Panorama” and other important magazines as "The Italian Steve Jobs" for having invented i'm Watch.

Massimiliano Bertolini is 32 years old and married. In 2003 he entered the family furniture business “Bertolini Arte”, founded by his father in 1973, as Director and Export Manager.

He graduated in Architecture in Venice and began marketing a product that increasingly targeted the markets of Russia, the Arab Emirates, the United States and China and, also through his work with internationally renowned architects, he now has an impressive number of prominent clients. The company’s strength lies in its direct, complete service to clients, coupled with product customisation to meet every need. “Bertolini Arte” is now a highly important worldwide reference point for luxury furnishing.

In 2009 his entrepreneurial streak led him join his friend Manuel Zanella in the creation of “Winezero”, a company distributing the first alcohol-free wine in Italy and one of the first in the world. Winezero soon became a success thanks to the innovative product and to the trend-setting format of its cans, which were designed and created by Bertolini and Zanella themselves. It soon became one of the trendiest drinks among young consumers. Within a few months, all the media were talking about it. The eminent British newspaper The Independent sang its praises, as did other newspapers and magazines around the world, from Russia to China and Brazil. Just a few months were all it took to make contacts with thirty countries worldwide. Today Massimiliano Bertolini is President of “Winezero” and has a 25% share in the company, while 50% is owned by Ennio Doris's H-Equity S.r.l..

In early 2011, once again with his friend and partner Manuel Zanella, he created Doooing - The idea factory, a completely new marketing and communication tool that makes it possible for investors to encounter innovative ideas and dreams.


The two brands are owned by i'm SpA, a company in which Manuel Zanella holds a 25% stake. The remaining 75% is divided between Massimilano Bertolini with 25% and H Equity with 50%. Manuel Zanella is President of i'm SpA. Manuel Zanella has attracted the interest of the press and has been interviewed many times due to his ambition and determination to succeed as an entrepreneur. He was included in the 2008 List of Top Italian Managers and in February 2009 Economy dedicated its front page story to him. In 2010 he was featured by Capital in a report on young managers and entrepreneurs.