i’m Droid 2, the world’s most advanced smartwatch operating system.

The software that controls i’m Watch is a condensed form of the best technologies. With a single gesture, you open and close applications, receive social networking notifications and read e-mails. And even with all this power - and the compact dimensions of a watch - the battery goes on and on. A small, BIG technological miracle.

Always in touch with your smartphone.

i’m Watch connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth, and thanks to the i’m Droid 2 operating system, it runs all the main functions. And if you want to use the Internet from i’m Watch, it goes through your smartphone, in “tethering” mode.


If you receive a call, you can see who’s calling, wherever you left your smartphone. Make a call straight from your i’m Watch by dialing the number or selecting a contact from your Address book.


Receive and read all your texts directly on your i’m Watch display. Think later about how to reply.


Don’t miss a single e-mail: Mail is perfect for managing your e-mail in any situation.


Not just any old calendar but a complete management system for events and appointments.

Update your i’m Watch

Download i'm Droid 2.2.2

How to install an update:

1) Download the update package

2) Connect your i'm Watch to the computer and wait till it is fully charged

3) Click on USB Mass Storage ( touch the notification "Connection USB" on your i'm Watch)

4) Copy the update package in "Updates" folder in your i'm Watch

5) Switch off and then on your i'm Watch

6) Your i'm watch may take several minutes to complete the first start. Please wait

7) Your i'm Watch will be updated automatically

NB: Before connecting your i'm Watch to your smartphone via Bluetooth again, please remove it from the devices list connected to your smartphone.


A world of apps. One single, mind-blowing piece of software.

i’m Droid 2 is the world’s most advanced smartwatch operating system. Try it to find out for yourself: it is fast and secure, apps load in a second and the smartphone connection is instantaneous.


All your friends’ posts, displayed clearly and in real time.


The full list of your tweets. And, with a quick touch, read your favorites.


As soon as you receive an SMS to your smartphone, i’m Watch lets you know. And you can read it directly from there.


See the snaps of your friends registered on the most popular photo-sharing social network.


With i’m Watch an exclusive instantaneous messaging system awaits you, based on numerous emoticons.

Thousands of developers working for you.

E-mails, social networks, sport, fitness, games, music, useful apps, work: the number of apps for i’m Watch is huge, but the good thing is that it is continuously expanding. Across the world, there are thousands of developers who are producing new ones. Every day. Even now.

i’m Watch senses the world. And that’s not a turn of phrase.

Just think: how big is an object that measures 52.90 x 40.60 x 10 mm? Very small. Yet, in these dimensions, i’m Watch includes a great variety of sensors. To interact with you and the outside world, and thanks to its apps, it will amaze you every day with a new function. You don’t believe us? Read on…


Sets you on the right direction, whenever you need it, thanks to the integrated magnetometer.

Movement functions

i’m Watch contains an accelerometer, which tells you all about how you are moving.

External sensors

Thanks to Bluetooth you can connect to external sensors and control their functions. Directly from your i'm Watch, you can access pedometers, heart-rate monitors and dozens of other sensors. On i'market you will find all the apps to best manage them.