Smart Watch,

Smart People.

Are you a dynamic, enterprising person who likes to be surrounded by exquisite things? i’m Watch is your ideal companion. There’s no need to ask why: just take a look. It simplifies and speeds up the use of your smartphone, putting on your wrist everything you need, whenever you need it. Once you try it, you’ll wonder why nobody has thought of it before. i’m Watch is the dream object you can’t do without. And luckily, it is a dream that anyone can achieve.


Calls, SMS,

E-mails and Apps, always available.

i’m Watch communicates with your smartphone, showing you, thanks to its clear and bright display, all the messages you receive. If you receive a call, you can see who’s calling, wherever you left your smartphone.

The best friend of your favorite social networks.

Don’t settle for anything less: with i’m Watch you can expect everything straightaway: Even social networks. The world’s most advanced smartwatch notifies you of all updates you receive, without having to pick up your smartphone. Just a glance, a touch and you’re already in contact. Why waste time, if you can have everything at your wrist?


All your friends’ posts, displayed clearly and in real time.


The full list of your tweets. And, with a quick touch, read your favorites.


As soon as you receive an SMS on your smartphone, i’m Watch lets you know. And you can read it directly from there.


See the snaps of your friends registered on the most popular photo-sharing social network.


With i’m Watch an exclusive instantaneous messaging system awaits you, based upon numerous emoticons.

True Made in Italy. Without compromise.

i’m Watch is the perfect combination of the most innovative Italian technology and a unique, unmistakable style. High-quality materials and excellent manufacturing standards make it comfortable, durable and attractive to see and to wear. i’m Watch is designed, engineered and built entirely in Italy.


i’m Cloud. Control your i’m Watch from the cloud. Now even from your smartphone.

The i’m Watch world does not stop at i’m Watch. With the innovative i’m Cloud system, you can control it remotely: thanks to powerful, high performance cloud technology, you can manage your smartwatch apps and data via the Internet. And with the brand new i’m Cloud Mobile, you do not even need to go through your PC or Mac: you just need your smartphone.

i'market, a world of apps to be discovered.

Not your usual store but a treasure trove of hundreds of apps ready to be downloaded and installed on your i’m Watch. Customize as you like and add many new functions: leisure, games, office, useful apps, music; there is no limit to the imagination of the developers who work for your i’m Watch.


i’mages. The eye of your i’m Watch.

Take a photo with your smartphone or choose it from your archive. With i’mages, thanks to i’m Cloud, you can find it again in just a few seconds directly on your i’m Watch.

A true passion for details.

i’m Watch is not only a marvel of technology, it is also a design miracle, meticulous down to the smallest details, to ensure that you dazzle in any situation. The curved touchscreen display - the world’s first - the latest generation materials, the perfect wearability, combined with its clean lines, enhance its class, making it become a must-have.

Sport and fitness: because i’m Watch has that covered, too.

i’m Watch is a champion. Do you want to be one, too? Thanks to its sensors, you have infinite applications available. In addition, with its integrated Bluetooth technology, you can link it up to heart-rate monitors, pedometers and other sensors. Together with the many apps dedicated to sport and fitness, i’m Watch is the perfect training partner. To keep you in shape, to improve your performance, to beat your records. And with calorie-counting features, a healthy lifestyle is within reach of smartwatch.

i'msport, fitness goes Smart.

Thanks to the connection between i’m Watch and the Heart rate monitor Zephyr you can control your heart frequency. The specific App, i'msport, lets you set up your training, work out and all sport activities.


Preset the training duration. A sound signal will inform you when you have 1 minute left and then 10 seconds left.


Save your lap times and check your improvement!


Set the maximum and minimum heartbeat. A sound signal will inform you when you overtake or undertake the set heart rate.

At the end of the training, a report is displayed showing the average heartrate per lap and over a whole workout.